Robert Brown
President, Museum's Association of Montana

Welcome to the Museums Association of Montana’s website.  You will find that Montana’s museums represent the finest in art, history, and culture; keeping the unique sense of place, of Montana, alive.

The Museums Association of Montana (MAM), founded in 1967, serves our members and the entire Montana museum community by providing assistance and professional development opportunities through our annual conferences, invaluable newsletters, and increasingly popular website and podcasts.  The Yegen Award, named after the organizations founder, Peter Yegen Jr., honors excellence in the museum profession, while our conference scholarships provide avenues for museum professionals to achieve the highest standards of excellence.  As a collective voice for our members, MAM strives to monitor issues and legislation important to museums, education, and culture, not only at the state level but through advocacy efforts at the regional and national levels.

Through our collections of art, photos, archival material, historic objects, and historic buildings Montana’s museums preserve, document, and commemorate the history of this splendid place we call home.   These museums protect Montana’s past while providing guide posts against which we can measure our current and future actions, and standards by which we can continue to excel.  Montana’s museums and historic preservation agencies are vital components to healthy communities and a driving force in our economy (if you doubt this, click here to link to our economic impact survey – you will be amazed).

I welcome you to explore Montana’s Museums – the best in the West.
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 is an online encyclopedia of resources for small museums and historical organizations.  Material is added weekly, and all links are kept updated. 


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